BIM and Big Data for Construction Cost Management

BIM and Big Data for Construction Cost Management 

BIM and Big Data for Construction Cost Management

This book is designed to help practitioners and students in a wide range of con-
struction project management professions to understand what building informa-
tion modelling (BIM) and big data could mean for them and how they should

prepare to work successfully on BIM-compliant projects and maintain their com-
petencies in this essential and expanding area.

In this book, the state-of-the-art information technologies that support
high-profile BIM implementation are introduced, and case studies show how

BIM has integrated core quantity surveying and cost management responsibil-
ities and how big data can enable informed decision-making for cost control

and cost planning. The authors’ combined professional and academic experience

demonstrates, with practical examples, the importance of using BIM and par-
ticularly the fusion of BIM and big data, to sharpen competitiveness in global

and domestic markets.
This book is a highly valuable guide for people in a wide range of construction
project management and quantity surveying roles. In addition, implications for
project management, facilities management, contract administration, and dispute
resolution are also explored through the case studies, making this book essential
reading for built environment and engineering professionals.
Weisheng Lu is Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Department of Real
Estate and Construction, Faculty of Architecture, Hong Kong University.
Chi Cheung Lai is a PRC Register Cost Engineer and Director at Northcroft
Hong Kong Ltd.
Tung Tse is a PRC Register Cost Engineer at Northcroft Hong Kong Ltd.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 BIM theories and technologies
  • 3 BIM implementation strategies, prospects, and challenges
  • 4 Adopting BIM for cost management
  • 5 Case studies
  • 6 Big data for construction cost management
  • 7 Current challenges and future outlooks
  • 8 Good practices for adopting BIM for cost management
  • 9 The future of BIM and big data in quantity surveying
  • 10 Conclusion

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