AutoCAD Architecture 2017 Fundamentals

 AutoCAD Architecture  2017 Fundamentals

AutoCAD Architecture  2017 Fundamentals

Tips tricks

  • If you draw a wall and the materials composing the wall are on the wrong side, you can reverse the direction of the wall. Simply select the wall, right click and select the Reverse option from the menu.
  • To add a wall style to a drawing, you can import it or simply create the wall using the Design Tools.
  • Many architects use external drawing references to organize their projects. That way, teams of architects can concentrate just on their portions of a building. External references also use fewer system resources.
  • You can convert lines, arcs, circles, or polylines to walls. If you have created a floor plan in AutoCAD and want to convert it to 3D, open the floor plan drawing inside of AutoCAD Architecture. Use the Convert to Walls tool to transform your floor plan into walls.
  • To create a freestanding door, press the ENTER key when prompted to pick a wall. You can then use the grips on the door entity to move and place the door wherever you like.
  • To move a door along a wall, use Door→Reposition→Along Wall. Use the OSNAP From option to locate a door a specific distance from an adjoining wall.


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