Cranes – Design, Practice, and Maintenance

Cranes – Design, Practice, and  Maintenance

Cranes – Design, Practice, and  Maintenance

It is the intention of this book to give all those who have anything to do with hoisting cranes and hoisting equipment a clear source of information on the most important and interesting aspects of this vital and complex equipment.

Who will find this information useful?

This book is designed to help all those involved in the use, maintenance, purchase, specification, design, and construction of cranes. These complicated and expensive devices deserve specialist attention and require a detailed understanding of their workings. Directors, consultants, technicians, engineers, project managers, maintenance contractors, and those involved in the design of cranes will find useful material here.

The author aims to provide understanding of the construction, components, and calculations required for the safe and efficient operation and designs of cranes. The analyses, formulae and calculations included here provide the first principles, theory, and numerous examples, so that the reader, having understood the basic principles and the methods of calculation, can go on to calculate or recalculate certain problems. It is hoped that the years of experience in the crane industry, which have led to this publication, will assist those grappling with practical problems today.

Numerous photographs and diagrams are included, showing various pieces and types of equipment in action. Above all, this volume is forthe practising engineer whether working with this equipment every day, or occasionally coming into contact with cranes. The problem ‘how to lift a load’ is as old as humankind. From the earliest times people have faced this problem. Dragging and carrying were employed until the invention of the wheel, when carts, which could be driven or pulled, were built. People worked together to lift loads or to move heavy objects.

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