Elastic beam calculations handbook

 Elastic beam  calculations  handbook

Elastic beam  calculations  handbook

This book uses innovative analytic approaches that combine tactful applications of mathematics with structural engineering, thereby helping the reader gain insight into the physical implications of the formulae presented. This means that an effective analytic treatment of the elastic beams will shed light on how the numerical work can best be planned and executed with clarity and optimal results, as well as a minimum of time, effort, and cost.
The writing philosophy of this book leads to a presentation at once both simple and logical, so that many important and interesting problems can be solved as corollaries of a general theorem. In this way, the reader will be able to see not only the trees but also the forest; this “big picture” approach is intended to be both
enjoyable and inspirational. It is not feasible to present all the important cases, and there is no need to make an effort to do that either, because by following the general approach presented here,
the reader can easily extend the results by the principle of superposition. This is one of the reasons why we take the approach of starting with a general problem and later reducing it to simpler special cases. This approach is especially significant for multispan beams.
Both solved problems with explanatory remarks and illustrative examples are presented throughout the book. For some problems, the actual solution process is purposely left to the reader in order to spur curiosity as well as to develop a capacity for exploration.
As its title implies, this book is a mathematically rigorous treatment of beam design problems based on elastic theory. Consequently, all the usual assumptions, principles, methods, procedures, etc. within the framework of linear elastic behavior of materials are either explicitly cited or implicitly utilized, in addition to the new approaches and methods developed and presented in this book.


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