The proceedings of the Latvia University of Agriculture (LUA) ”Landscape Architecture and Art” continues issuance of the periodical collection of scientific articles. The new edition summarizes research findings in architecture and art science made not only by the lecturers and doctoral students of the LUA and the Art Academy of Latvia but also by experts of the State Inspection for Heritage Protection and foreign scientists from Belgium and Russia.

The publications cover a wide range of research work related to the results of the research of restoration works of architectural monuments, the compositional searches of the green structure and sculpture work in the building of the urban space.
The research relates to synthesis evaluation of the cultural historical landscape space, manor gardens and sculpture works of art, review of the legislation, the aesthetic quality criteria of the Environment and ecological issues.The publications of the first part of the journal result from the research in maintaining the cultural landscape, its transformation and development.

In turn, the articles of the second part concern theories of formation of the modern landscape, evaluating not only experience of the scientists from Latvia but also from other countries in the development of the cultural environment.

The recent year's economic crisis in Latvia makes local governments assess attraction of more serious funding. In particular, it is relevant to the development of the urban environment, where within the framework of the economic regime, reconstruction, restoration or renovation works are often carried out on a case-by-case basis in separate construction stages, so visually changing perception of the specific urban construction space. It also applies to the context of the density and compositional placement of the green structure in the urban environment.

The summary of the architecture and the science of the art collection of articles provides important insights for further scientific activity which are required not only by the doctoral students and Master students but also by the leading specialists of local governments to evaluate the adoption of important decisions on the development of the area.

In recent years, there has grown the number of new architecture and art researchers which points to the interest in the necessity of order in the visual aesthetic quality of the landscape space .


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