Rendering in SketchUp

Rendering in SketchUp

In my previous book, SketchUp for Site Design, the acknowledgments page was inadvertently omitted, so these acknowledgments are intended as a thank you for both books!
First, to my wife, Jennifer Seidman Tal, who helped cowrite both of these books, I dedicate both these manuscripts to you. Thank you for teaching me how to write and for supporting me through the process.

This book is designed to teach SketchUp users how to generate photorealistic images using integrated rendering programs (IRPs). It will teach you how to prepare models to be rendered, and it will show you how to use integrated rendering programs to create graphic images
(Fig. 1.1 and Fig. 1.2).

The step-by-step process you’ll learn includes five main areas:

  • Placing texture images on model surfaces that appear like real-world materials
  • Setting up SketchUp to establish the lighting environment for the renderingngs
  • Setting up SketchUp to establish the lighting environment for the rendering
  • Fine-tuning the Integrated Rendering Program settings to generate the desired photo-realistic images
  • Altering images in a photo-editing program to enhance renderings during the postproduction process
In addition, you’ll learn how rendering programs generate an image and learn about the computer specifications those programs require.
Integrated Rendering Programs
Integrated rendering programs (IRPs) are third-party plug-ins that are installed and work within SketchUp (Fig. 1.3, Fig. 1.4, Fig. 1.5). They provide enhanced features that offer big advantages to users generating photorealistic images. First, IRPs use a limited number of menus and settings that are all accessible within SketchUp’s interface. Second, they allow you to use SketchUp’s features and settings, eliminating the need to learn a lot of new tools and methods. The combination of these two advantages provides an effortless learning curve, which means you’ll be producing photorealistic images quickly.


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