Buried Structures Static and Dynamic Strength

Buried Structures

As a schoolboy I frequently journeyed to the Dorset coast through the road tunnel at Beaminster, built by Lang in the 1830s. Later, when I first became a student of engineering, the walk to lectures took me through the derelict surface workings of the great Dolcoath tin mine near Camborne in Cornwall.

It never entered my mind that I would one day write on the subject of underground structures.I became involved in the subject through a defence interest in the behaviour of thin-walled buried structures under static and dynamic surface loading, a subject not closely connected with the design of masonry tunnels or mine workings, but nevertheless relevant to the general field of soil-structure interaction. Recently I have detected an increasing civil engineering interest in the problem, and I have therefore attempted to summarize the available analysis and test work for the benefit of engineers and scientists coming to the subject for the first time.

I have acknowledged sources of information where they appear in the text, and I am indebted to the U.S. Army Standardization Office in London, and the U.S. Defence Nuclear Agency in Washington, for their help in obtaining clearance to quote from U.S. Technical Reports. There are inevitable gaps in the presentation because a good deal of information from defence research sources still carries a security classification and cannot be published in open literature. Because some of the experimental work was carried out before the days of metrication, readers are asked to accept a mixture of f.p.s. and SI units in the text. However, a conversion table is provided at the end of the Notation section on p. xvi.

I wish to record my thanks to Miss Joyce Carter, who typed the manuscript, and to M r Phillip Read of Chapman and Hall, who waited so patiently for the final draft. Above all, I express my gratitude to M r J. Ellis, former director of the Military Vehicles and Engineering Establishment, Ministry of Defence, for allowing me the facilities to complete the work, and for his encouragement.


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