AutoCAD 2020 from Zero to Hero

 AutoCAD 2020 from Zero to Hero

AutoCAD 2020 from Zero to Hero

Welcome to the AutoCAD’s World. This AutoCAD tutorial will teach you the basics of using AutoCAD and create your first objects. AutoCAD is a robust tool for creating 2D and 3D objects, like architectural plans and constructions or engineering projects. It can also generate files for 3D printing. If you want to start this AutoCAD tutorial for beginners, you should have about an hour to do so.

1.1 What’s New in AutoCAD 2020?
During the first quarter, Autodesk released its new software as usual. AutoCAD first. People are used to being excited to see what's new, I remember. But things have changed. AutoCAD hasn't changed much in many years. Integrating the toolsets into AutoCAD 2019 was a big step, but they're not new – as I will describe later in this section. The last version I remember has major improvements with AutoCAD 2008. If you're working with 3D, you could say 2010. AutoCAD 2020 has nothing different. So, what's new in AutoCAD 2020?

The Look

The Interface is updated, of course. We know that AutoCAD always has an “updated” look. It looks sharper and easier to look.
This version is claimed faster than before. Even the installation is faster. This improvement is important. I don’t expect Autodesk will change AutoCAD much, but they obviously need to improve the performance and reliability. Faster and less crash, everyone will be happy.

Measure Tool
You can use the live measure tool just by moving the cursor. AutoCAD will show the live measurement between the nearest geometry according to your cursor position. The Measure dropdown list on the Utilities panel has been a handy way to find distances, angles, diameters, and areas for years. Traditionally, the user selects the desired measurement option, selects the relevant objects (or starts at points) in the drawing, and notes the measurement. A faster version of this tool is now available, called Quick Measure.

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