Code of practice for the structural use of steel

 Code of practice for the structural use of steel

Code of practice for the structural use of steel

  Codes and regulations for the design of steel structures in Hong Kong were initially derived from the London Byelaws and then BS 449. In 1987 Hong Kong published its own code based on the permissible stress design for the structural use ofsteel.

In recognition of the stated aim of The Government of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to develop a technology driven and knowledge based society, the Hong Kong Buildings Department commissioned a Consultancy Study to carry out reviews of structuralsteel design practice in Hong Kong and overseas and to draft a limit state code for the Structural Use ofSteel using Limit State Approach.

The study was carried out by a joint venture consultancy formed from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited. As a result of the study, the Code of Practice for the Structural Use of Steel 2005 (Code 2005) was published and was intended to encourage the use of structuralsteel to the benefit of stakeholders, the environment and the society.

It offered the potential of wider use in the region. Code 2005 has been developed using worldwide best practice and philosophy from international codes. Particular guidance has been introduced to Code 2005 to cover high-rise building design, composite design, long span structures, stability issues, temporary works in construction, a wide range of steel grades, performance based design and structural vibration.

It was intended to be easy for use by practising engineers. Use of materials was covered by reference to internationally accepted equivalent standards and by clarifying procedures for demonstrating compliance of materials which fall outside these standards.

Code 2005 contained clauses on materials and workmanship for fabrication and erection. A technical committee was established in 2008 to review Code 2005 by collecting views and feedbacks received from the construction industry, and to improve it.

This current Code, namely the Code of Practice for the Structural Use ofSteel 2011 (the Code) is issued after a three-year review and consideration on the latest design and technology of steel construction by the Technical Committee.

It notonly provides full guidance on how the relevant requirements of the Buildings Ordinance may be complied with, but also makes a most up-to-date reference for practising engineers and practitioners of the construction industry by introducing new features to the Code.


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