Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control And Specification

 Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control And Specification

Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control And Specification

My Third Edition Builds Upon The Shoulders Of The Work Done For The First Two And I Do Not Wish Those Ithanked Then To Be Forgotten Now. Therefore The Acknowledgements In The Second Edition Are Reprinted In Full Following Those For The Current Edition. My Company Concrete Advice Pty Ltd Was Sold In 2001 To Maricopa Readymix, My First US Client, At The Instigation Of Dave Hudder, At That Time Managing Director Of Maricopa. I Have Him To Thank For His

Recognition Of The Value Of ConAd In USA And For Providing Me With The Means To Enjoy My Semiretirement And To Travel The World Preaching My Concepts. On Dave Leaving Maricopa, Concrete Advice Was On-Sold To Command Alkon. I Was Very Pleased About This Because ConAd Is A Perfect Fit For A Major, Worldwide, Batching System Provider. I Thank Them For Continuing My Part-Time Consultancy Until The End Of 2004, Even Though I Have Had Little Influence On The New Version Of ConAd.

I Will Never Forget The Part Played By Don Bain, Technical Manager Of Maricopa, In All This. It Was He Who Recommended The Initial Purchase Of The ConAd System To Dave Hudder Back In Early 2000, He Who Used ConAd To Enable The Expansion Of Maricopa And Build The US Reputation Of ConAd, And He Who Left Maricopa For A Time To Help Command Alkon With Initial Marketing Of ConAd. His Written Contribution To This Text Is Appreciated,

But It Is Negligible Compared To His Contribution To The Reputation Of The ConAd System. Andrew Travers Continues To Labour Prodigiously As CEO Of ConAd. Its Future Now Depends On Him As He Rushes Around The World Promoting And Installing It. Unfortunately He Has Been Far Too Busy To Write A Section Of This Book, Much As He Wanted To, And Much As It Would Have Been Appreciated. Perhaps He Will Write The Next Edition. Two Other Stalwarts, Having Contributed Greatly, Are No Longer Able To Do So. Dan Leacy, The Australian Equivalent Of Don Bain, Unfortunately Passed Away

At An Early Age And Michael Shallard Retired At An Even Earlier Age After A Severe Illness, Depriving The System Of Its Major Source Of Computer Expertise. I Shall Remember Them. My Email Directory Overflows With Large Numbers Of People Substituting For My Lack Of Field Experience In Recent Years. Several Names Appear As Contributing Sections Of The Text: Dr Alex Leshchinsky And His Father Dr Marat Lesinskij, Mark Mackenzie, Dr Norwood Harrison, Dr Grant Lukey, John Harrison And Tracy Goldsworthy – And Dr Joe Dewar Whose Contribution To The Previous Edition Is Repeated Here.

Contributions Not So Acknowledged, But Nevertheless Real, Include Aulis Kappi, Charles Allen, James Aldred, Kevin Galvin, Lawrence Roberts, Richard Hall, Dr Celik Ozylidirim, Jay Lukkarila, Dr Steve Trost, Dr George Smorchevsky, Also Barry And Tania Hudson For Their Magnificent Forum On The Website Www. Aggregateresearch.Com. It Should Be Emphasized That Several Of These Do Not Necessarily Agree With All That I Have Written, So Any Credit For The Work Is Shared With Them, But Any Blame Is Mine Alone. Recent Acknowledgements Are To Abdulla Al Menhali Of MBLC, Jeddah

(Who Prefers To Be Called Kamal) Who Was Sufficiently Impressed By My Second Edition To Invite Me Out Of The Blue, To Visit Him And Teach His Staff How To Use The ConAd QC System For His Huge Al Bait Project In Mecca; To Numerous Friends In India And USA Including Profs Ramakrishnan, Jagannadha Rao, And Gajanan Sabnis And C. M. Dordi For Arranging Invitations To Present A Paper At ICACC 2004 In Hyderabad, A Subsequent Lecture And An Article In The Indian Concrete Journal; And To Doric Atton For Sponsoring Presentation Of A Paper In Colombo, Sri Lanka.


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