Four Practice Exams And Solutions For PE Civil

 Four Practice Exams And Solutions For PE Civil

Four Practice Exams And Solutions For PE Civil

Beginning January 2015, The National Council Of Examiners For Engineering And Surveying (NCEES) Changed The Civil Engineering Specification For Civil PE Exam. Now Civil PE Are Offered In The Following Disciplines; Transportation Construction Structure Geotechnical Engineering Water Resource And Environmental Each Discipline Is Divided To Two Areas Of Breadth And Depth. The Breadth Part Is Common For All Disciplines And Includes The Following Specifications .

A) Project Planning
B) Means And Methods
C) Soil Mechanics
D) Structural Mechanics

E) Hydraulics And Hydrology
F) Geometrics
G) Mterials
H) Site Development

In This Book We Have Presented Four Style PE Civil Practice Exam To Prepare You For The Breadth Part Of Exam. Problems In Each Specification Have Been Separated. This Way You May Concentrate On Your Area Of Strength If You Want To. I Hope You Find This Book Helpful For Passing The PE Civil Exam.


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