Mixed Reality In Architecture, Design And Construction

Mixed Reality In Architecture
 Design And Construction

Mixed Reality In Architecture  Design And Construction

Mixed Reality is moving out of the research-labs into our daily lives. It plays an increasing role in architecture, design and construction. The combination of digital content with reality creates an exciting synergy that sets out to enhance engagement within architectural design and construction.

State-of-the-art research projects on theories and applications within Mixed Reality are presented by leading researchers covering topics in architecture, design collaboration, construction and education. They discuss current projects and offer insight into the next wave of Mixed Reality possibilities.

"This book examines the concept of mixed reality (MR) and its applications to design collaboration, architecture, construction, and education and learning. … This book is well organized into five major sections … . will help readers grasp the current state of MR in the field of architecture design. … the book provides an in-depth examination of virtuality and reality concepts, which were identified in broad ranging areas such as scientific visualization and collaboration, thus allowing readers to engage with MR from a more fundamental viewpoint." (Jina Huh, ACM Computing Reviews, April, 2009)


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