Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security

The news today is filled with heightened awareness and sensitivity about physical or perimeter security due to the threat of terrorism. What does perimeter security mean? We will explore perimeter security in depth in the book. Perimeter security is defined as the protection of the outer boundary of your facility. With the advent of network security, perimeter security is defined as the protection of outer boundaries of the network. We are only going to focus on physical perimeter security in the book.

What does perimeter security entail? Perimeter security starts at the property line. This is either a natural or manmade barrier. In most cases it is the fence line. Then there are gates, lighting, the building or structure itself, walls, windows, doors, alarms, etc. Sometimes intrusion detection is used to monitor the perimeter fence line or the detectors are located in the ground. In the chapters that follow we are going to explore in detail each of the elements that make up perimeter security.

In Chapter 2 we will examine the security survey and threat assessment. You can’t design effective perimeter security that also brings value to the company or the owner without first understanding what you are rotecting and who you are protecting it from. Therefore the security survey and threat assessment is the first step. One important aspect is to obtain and understand the crime statistics for the area your project or building is located.

The statistics can be obtained from the local police departments. There is also a company that will provide the information and you don’t need to purchase any software. All you need to do is to give them an address and they will provide scores for that address based on certain data. The scores are a predictor of the occurrence of crime by type. There are checklists for performing a risk analysis and checklists for completing a security survey.

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