Professional Practice for Interior Designers

 Professional Practice for Interior Designers

Professional Practice for Interior Designers

Part of the education of an interior designer consists of learning about the business practices of the profession. Students cannot assume that a business’s success results solely from the innate creativity of the designers who own or work for a firm. It also comes from the quality of the professional practices of those involved in the business.

Regardless of the size of firm or design specialty, professional interior designers must understand and conduct themselves as businesspeople. Clients expect interior designers to be responsible for their decisions and practice.
They expect excellence not only in creative work but in business conduct as well. This naturally results in an interior designer’s ever-increasing need for comprehensive knowledge of business.

As a design professional, manager, educator, and business owner, I have long believed in the importance of effective business practices for this profession.
I have seen where good business practices have led to success. I have seen where poor business practices have led to frustration for business owners. My interests in trying to help students and professionals become better in their
business led to the publication of the first edition of this book.

I have consistently updated this book to offer a comprehensive resource that provides a solid background in business practices for students. Educators should not feel that they must try to cover everything, and students should not feel overwhelmed by the contents. Educators can easily tailor their classes around the contents to meet the instructor’s desired focus and an institution’s
priorities. Its comprehensive content also makes it a practical choice for practitioners wanting to start or grow their own business. There are many chapters that are generally of greater concern to a business owner than a student, just as there are some chapters that will be of greater interest to students than professionals.

For both professionals and students, Professional Practice for Interior Designers remains one of the primary references for the NCIDQ examination concerning many aspects of business practice.The profession of interior design continues to be transformed. Concerns for legal and ethical business operations, sustainable design practice, the impact of technology, new ways of collaborating with industry cohorts, and generational changes in the client marketplace have all had an impact on business practice. These issues and others of importance are included in this new edition .

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