Advances in Mechanism Design II

Advances in Mechanism Design II

Advances in Mechanism Design II

The international conference on the theory of machines and mechanisms has been held since 1973 in regular four-year intervals. The expert agenda of the conference focuses on a wide range of problems including theoretical and practical findings related to theories pertaining to machines and mechanisms.
A person involved in the creation of this conference was important personality and leading expert in mechanics and mechanism theories doc. Ing. Jaroslav Charvát, CSc. He was not only a renowned expert regarding mechanism theories, but he was also an excellent teacher and promoter of mechanics for the professional and lay public. He impressed students with his lectures and boosted their enthusiasm for the study field.

His scientific and research activities were focused to a great extent on mechanisms of textile machines. He has regularly contributed to expert magazines. He is the author of many monographs and scripts, and he has actively attended conferences and seminars. He has been responsible to a significant extent for the development of young technical intelligence and has contributed to the development of the field of textile machine mechanics.

The 12th international conference on the theory of machines and mechanisms was held from September 6–8, 2016, at the Liberec Technical University, Liberec, Czech Republic. The conference was organized under the auspices of the Czech National Committee for Theories of Machines and Mechanisms IFToMM, the Czech Society for Mechanics and VUTS a.s. Liberec. The lectures focused particularly on the areas of analysis, synthesis of articulated, cam, planar and spatial mechanisms.

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