The Art Of Using AutoCAD 2D For Mechanical Design Engineering

 The Art Of Using AutoCAD 2D For Mechanical  Design Engineering

The Art Of Using AutoCAD 2D For Mechanical  Design Engineering

Model Space is a great tool of AutoCAD, specialized for presentation and printing of drawings. This particular book not only teaches you how to work with Model Space, but also gives you an overview of the standard steps for developing all AutoCAD Mechanical drawings

With this book, you will completely master Model Space, manage drawings scientifically, and represent drawings with different scales also become extremely easy and fast. I will guide you in detail on how to combine tools in AutoCAD which are Dimstyle, Textstye, MleaderStyle, Annotative, Annotation Scale, and Ltscale for you to apply in file management and batch printing.
The core value that I convey to you through this wonderful book is the word “Process”, having everything in your hands. To work effectively with AutoCAD and Model Space, you must have Processed.

I am sure that, after you practice with this book, from now on you will give up your old habits and switch to the Annotative, Annotation Scale because of the amazing results you see it brings. Please practice with my book. The value of a book is your productivity!

This book does not go into detail teaching you how to build a view, nor does it show you how to use commands. There are already too many technical books in-depth about the rules of drawing representation or the rules of projection construction. Moreover, today, projections can no longer be constructed on AutoCAD but switch to 2D export directly from 3D drawing software. But "exporting the projections " to AutoCAD and developing 2D on AutoCAD is still very popular.

Your task is to export 2D projections to AutoCAD and annotate dimensions, note technical requirements, present and manage them on AutoCAD in a scientific way. Then this book will help you with that! Because I have not seen any book on the market written on that topic yet, while it is very practical and necessary. A person who has worked for a long time, even for more than a decade, is unsure how to manage it to be streamlined and convenient for
printing later.

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