The Engineer’s Manual of Construction Site Planning

 The Engineer’s Manual of Construction Site  Planning

The Engineer’s Manual of Construction Site  Planning

This handbook deals with the problems of engineering preparation for building in a construction company, both during the bidding phase and after a contract has been concluded.

The handbook’s recommendations can also be used in the design phase, when the building contractor is not yet selected. In this case, it has the aim of assuring the constructability of the designed building and of calculating a control estimate for the owner in order that bids can be weighted and contractors’ potential duration of construction can be evaluated. In the design stage, the methods used are similar to those of the contractor in the bidding phase, when aggregated norms are used.

The key problems consist of identifying the composition of complex project organisation and level of detail of the initial data, the inspection of the construction site, compiling the construction site layout and the construction schedule, and the cost estimate of construction site expenses. Suggestions for calculating the resource allocation are presented: for the selection of cranes and lifting devices, the planning of temporary buildings and roads, and for technological networks, fire safety, fencing and lighting. On-site safety precautions in planning of the construction site management are iscussed.The owner’s construction costs are determined through cooperation between the owner and the designer/consultant, according to preliminary design task as set out by the owner and the designer’s technical and aesthetic competence.

The structural designer must ensure the building’s strength,stability, compliance with environmental criteria, etc. These costs are also affected by the detailed plan requirements validated by the local authorities. Another concern is that not enough attention is paid to construction management and building technology during the design of the construction contract conditions, and their subsequent negotiation.

This, however, impacts the duration of construction, and based on this the contractor will be able to make the lowest price offer without reducing the quality of constructing. Often ignored is the fact that temporary works and tempo rary facilities on the building site form up to 12% of total costs, depending on the type of the building, site conditions, seasonality and the building owner’s stipulations on duration.


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