Quality Management in Construction Projects

 Quality Management in Construction Projects

Quality  Management in Construction Projects

Quality is a universal phenomenon that has been a matter of great concern throughout recorded history. It was always the determination of builders and makers of products to ensure that their products meet the customer’s desire.
With the advent of globalization and the competitive market, the emphasis on quality management has increased. Quality has become the most important single factor for the survival and success of today’s companies. Customer demands for better products and services at the lowest possible costs have put tremendous pressure on firms to improve the quality of products, services, and processes to compete in the market and improve business results.

It became important that construction projects be more qualitative, competitive, and economical to meet owner’s expectations.Construction projects have the involvement of many participants including the owner, designer, contractor, and many other professionals from construction-related industries. Each of these participants is involved in implementing quality in construction projects. These participants are both influenced by and depend on each other in addition to “other players” involved in the Construction process. Therefore, the construction projects have become more complex and technical, and extensive efforts are required to reduce rework and costs associated with time, materials, and engineering.

This book has been developed to provide significant information on quality issues to professional practitioners involved in construction projects (mainly civil construction projects and commercial/A&E projects) and construction related industries, stressing the importance of quality, various quality control principles, procedures, concepts, methods, and tools and their applications to various activities/components/subsystems at different phases in the life cycle of a construction project to improve construction processes to conveniently manage projects and make them more qualitative, competitive, and economical. The book contains useful materials and information for students interested in acquiring knowledge about quality in the fields of construction projects, quality engineering, construction management, and project management. The book will also provide specific information to academics about the practices followed in construction projects.

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