300 Solved Problems Soil Rock Mechanics And Foundations Engineering

300Solved Problems Soil Rock Mechanics
 And Foundations Engineering

300Solved Problems Soil Rock Mechanics  And Foundations Engineering

Table of Contents Table of Contents… i Chapter 1 Soil Exploration… 1 Symbols for Soil Exploration… 1 *Exploration 01. Find the required number of borings and their depth…. *Exploration 0. The sample s disturbance due to the boring diameter…. *Exploration 0. Correcting the SPT for depth and sampling method *Exploration 04. Three methods used for SPT depth corrections… 6 *Exploration 05. SPT corrections under a mat foundation *Exploration 06. The Shear Vane Test determines the in-situ cohesion… 9 *Exploration 07. Reading a soil boring log *Exploration 08: Using a boring log to predict soil engineering parameters **Exploration 09. Find the shear strength of a soil from the CPT Report Chapter Phase Relations of Soil Symbols for Phase Relations of soils Basic Concepts and Formulas for the Phases of Soils *Phases of soils-01: Convert from metric units to SI and US units *Phases of soils 0: Compaction checked via the voids ratio…. *Phases of soils 0: Value of the moisture when fully saturated…. *Phases of soils 04: Finding the wrong data *Phases of soils 05: Increasing the saturation of a soil *Phases of soils 06: Find γ d, n, S and W w *Phases of soils 07: Use the block diagram to find the degree of saturation *Phases of soils 08: Same as Prob-07 but setting the total volume V=1 m *Phases of soils 09: Same as Problem #5 with a block diagram… 9 *Phases of soils 10: Block diagram for a saturated soil *Phases of soils 11: Find the weight of water needed for saturation *Phases of soils 1: Identify the wrong piece of data…. *Phases of soils 1: The apparent cheapest soil is not!… *Phases of soils 14: Number of truck loads *Phases of soils 15: How many truck loads are needed for a project?… 5 *Phases of soils 16: Choose the cheapest fill supplier i

3 *Phases of soils 17: Use a matrix to the find the missing data… 8 **Phases of soils 18: Find the voids ratio of muck (a highly organic soil) Chapter Classification of Soils and Rocks Symbols for Classification of soils *Classify 01: Percentage of each of the four grain sizes (G, S, M & C)… 4 *Classify 0: Coefficients of uniformity and curvature of granular soils *Classify-0: Classify two soils using the USCS *Classify-04: Manufacturing a new soil Classify Classify Classify Classify Classify Classify Classify Chapter 4 Compaction and Soil Improvement Symbols for Compaction *Compaction 01: Find the optimum moisture content (OMC) *Compaction 0: Find maximum dry unit weight in SI units *Compaction-0: What is the saturation S at the OMC? *Compaction-04: Number of truck loads required *Compaction-05: What is the saturation S at the OMC?… 6 *Compaction-06: Definition of the relative compaction (RC)… 6 *Compaction-07: The relative compaction (RC) of a soil *Compaction-08: Converting volumes from borrow pits and truck loads **Compaction-09: Ranges of water and fill required for a road **Compaction-10: Find the family of saturation curves for compaction **Compaction-11: Water needed to reach maximum density in the field **Compaction-1: Fill volumes and truck load requirements for a levee **Compaction-1: Multiple choice compaction problem of a levee Chapter 5 Permeability of Soils Symbols for Permeability *Permeability 01: Types of permeability tests and common units ii

4 *Permeability-0: Use of Hazen s formula to estimate the k of an aquifer *Permeability-0: Flow in a sand layer from a canal to a river *Permeability-04: Find the equivalent horizontal permeability of two layers *Permeability-05: Equivalent vertical and horizontal permeabilities *Permeability-06: Ratio of horizontal to vertical permeabilities *Permeability 07: Do not confuse a horizontal with a vertical permeability *Permeability-08: Permeability as a function of the voids ratio e *Permeability 09: Uplift pressures from vertical flows *Permeability-10: Capillary rise in tubes of differing diameters *Permeability-11: Rise of the water table due to capillarity saturation *Permeability-1: Find the capillary rise h c in a silt stratum using Hazen *Permeability-1: Back-hoe trench test to estimate the field permeability… 9 **Permeability-14: Seepage loss from an impounding pond… 9 Chapter 6 Seepage and Flow-nets Symbols for Seepage and Flow-nets *Flownets-01: Correcting flawed flow-nets *Flow-nets-0: A flow-net beneath a dam with a partial cutoff wall *Flow-nets-0: The velocity of the flow at any point under a dam *Flow-nets-04: Flow through an earth levee *Flow-nets-05: Finding the total, static and dynamic heads in a dam **Flow nets-06: Hydraulic gradient profile within an earth levee **Flow-net-07: Flow into a cofferdam and pump size *Flow-nets-08: Drainage of deep excavations for buildings *Flow-nets-09: Dewatering a construction site *Flow-net-10: Dewatering in layered strata **Flownets-11: Flow through the clay core of an earth dam Chapter 7 Effective Stresses and Pore Water Pressure Symbols for Effective Stresses and Pore Water Pressure *Effective Stress 01: The concept of buoyancy *Effective Stress 0: The concept of effective stress *Effective Stress 0: The concept of effective stress with multiple strata Effective Stress-0B Chapter 8 Dams and Levees… 1 iii

5 Symbols for Dams and Levees… 1 *Dams-01: Find the uplift pressure under a small concrete levee… 1 *Dams-0: Determine the uplift forces acting upon a concrete dam Chapter 9 Stresses in Soil Masses Symbols for Stresses in Soil Masses *Mohr-01: Simple transformation from principal to general stress state *Mohr 0: Find the principal stresses and their orientation *Mohr 0: Find the principal stresses and their orientation *Mohr 04:… 1 *Mohr 05: Normal and shear stress at a chosen plane **Mohr 07: Back figure the failure angle *Mohr 08: find the Principle pressure using Mohr *Mohr 09: Relation between θ and φ *Mohr 10: *Mohr 11: *Mohr 1: *Mohr 1: Data from Mohr-Coulomb failure envelope **Mohr 14: *Mohr 15: Derive the general formula for horizontal stress *Newmark 01: Stress beneath a tank at different depths *Newmark-0: The stress below the center of the edge of a footing *Newmark-0: Stress at a point distant from the loaded footing *Newmark-04: Stresses coming from complex shaped foundations *Newmark-05: Stress beneath a circular oil tank **Newmark-06: Use Newmark with a settlement problem *Stress 01: Stress increase at a point from several surface point loads *Stress-0: Find the stress under a rectangular footing *Stress-0: The effect of the WT on the stress below a rectangular footing *Stress 04: Finding the stress outside the footing area *Stress-05: Stress below a footing at different points *Stress-06: Stress increase from a surcharge load of limited width *Stress-07: Finding a stress increase from a surface load of limited width **Stress-08: Stress increase as a function of depth iv


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