Water Wells And Pumps

Water Wells And Pumps

Efficient and economical use of ground and surface water, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, is of great importance in the present day development scenario. Water Wells and Pumps is a comprehensive treatise intended to serve as a basic reference to professionals and scientists working in the areas of irrigation, drainage, water supply, agriculture, ground water development, public health engineering, and rural development in government and non-government sectors.

It will also serve as a reference for students of agricultural engineering, water resources engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, public health engineering, and urban and rural water supply and sanitation as well as management institutes, polytechnics, land and water management institutes, and staff training colleges of banks. For the past two decades the book has enjoyed the status of an authoritative work on the subject. The present edition is revised and updated with emphasis to the subject areas of wells and pumps, including theory and applications.

It lays particular emphasis to meet the specific socio-economic situations in India and other developing countries. The book has been divided into two parts with seven chapters each. The first part Wells for Irrigation and Water Supply comprises of (i) Water Resources Development and Utilization, (ii) Hydraulics of Wells, (iii) Open Wells, (iv) Tube Wells and their Design, (v) Tube Well Construction, (vi) Development and Testing of Tube Wells, and (vii) Rehabilitation of Sick and Failed Tube Wells. The second part Pumps and Pumping comprises of (i) Man and Animal Powered Water Lifts and Positive Displacement Pumps, (ii) Variable Displacement Pumps and Accessories, (iii) Centrifugal Pumps:

Design, Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting, (iv) Deep Well Turbine and Submersible Pumps, (v) Propeller, Mixed Flow and Jet Pumps, (vi) Application of Non-Conventional Energy Sources in Pumping, and (vii) Techno-Economic Evaluation of Projects on Wells and Pumps. The discussions on each topic range from basic to most advanced areas. A large number of illustrations, tables, solved examples and problems have been included to facilitate easy understanding of the subject matter. There is a comprehensive coverage on various geo-hydrological formations, and influence of geographical situations and climate on ground water availability and quality to provide the necessary information required for selection of location, design and construction of tube wells and open wells for irrigation and water supply.

Aquifer characteristics and basic equations governing ground water flow as well as legal aspects of ground water extraction and utilization, including water quality criteria for drinking water and irrigation have also been elaborately presented. Further, this new edition discusses open wells in hard rock, semi-consolidated, and unconfined formations, including their location, design, construction, operation and maintenance, along with procedures for deepening and boring of open wells and sanitary protection of open wells and tube wells.


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