Geometric and Engineering Drawing

 Geometric and Engineering  Drawing

Geometric and Engineering  Drawing

This introduction to descriptive geometry and contemporary drafting guides the student through the essential principles to create engineering drawings that comply with international standards of technical product specification.

This heavily updated new edition now applies to CAD as well as conventional drawing. Extensive new coverage is given of:
• International drafting conventions
• Methods of spatial visualisation such as multi-view projection
• Types of views
• Dimensioning
• Dimensional and geometric tolerancing
• Representation of workpiece and machine elements
• Assembly drawings

Comprehensible illustrations and clear explanations help the reader master drafting and layout concepts for creating professional engineering drawings. The book provides a large number of exercises for each main topic.

This edition covers updated material and reflects the latest ISO standards.
It is ideal for undergraduates in engineering or product design, students of vocational courses in engineering communication and technology students covering the transition of product specification from design to production.

Ken Morling trained as a mechanical engineer at Vickers Armstrong in 1956. He helped develop many aircraft including the TSR2 and Concorde. In 1963 he started teaching technical drawing to GCE O and A level students and wrote this book first published in 1969. In 1965 he became a graduate of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a Master of Philosophy in 1980 for development in education. During the life of his book there have been three editions and two translations into Spanish and Portuguese.

Stéphane Danjou is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Plant Design at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany, teaching Engineering Drawing, 3D CAD and Design. He started as a draftsman in a global acting company, studied mechanical engineering and worked as Technical Director in the packaging industry. With more than 25 years of experience in engineering
drawing, he specialises in product development, particularly within the context of modern approaches in engineering design.

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