Industrial Automation

 Industrial Automation: An Engineering Approach

Industrial Automation: An Engineering Approach

As the global marketplace demands higher quality goods and lower costs, factory floor automation has been changing from separate machines with simple hardware-based controls, if any, to an integrated manufacturing enterprise with linked and sophisticated control and data systems. For many organizations the Transformation has been gradual, starting with the introduction of programmable logic controllers and personal computers to machines and processes. However, for others the change has been rapid and is still accelerating.

There are two ways to achieve high yields in manufacturing. The simplest, yet most expensive way is to increase the number of production lines. An alternative and more desirable way is to increase the rate of production in the existing production lines. It is possible to increase the production rate by reducing the cycle time needed to produce a single part or product.

There are also two ways to reduce cycle time. The first approach is to improve the manufacturing process. The second approach is to automate the
manufacturing process by using re-programmable and automatically controlled equipment. This chapter discusses the type of automation and reason that make up industrial automation.

Automation refers to a technology which based on the usage of mechanical, electronic and computer system in handling process and manufacturing process control. The usage of automation technology started when work done by labor / worker was started replace by machine. Technology development process continuous improve until human started introduce the usage of robotic, CAD/CAM, Flexible manufacturing system and others technology to increase human quality of life and increase productivity in the industrial.

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