Wood Handbook

Wood Handbook

This edition of the Wood Handbook—Wood as an Engineering Material builds upon past editions, particularly the Centennial Edition (2010), with some important additions:
• The introductory chapter has been expanded to describe the role of forest products in the management of forested lands, and it highlights the importance of wood as an environmentally responsible, sustainable material (Chapter 1).
• Current information on the status of several endangered or vulnerable tree species has been added to their descriptions (Chapter 2).
• A discussion of the fundamental chemical constituents of wood has been included (Chapter 3).
• Information has been added on cross-laminated timber (CLT) products (Chapters 12 and 18).
• Important updates on wood preservation practices are included (Chapter 15).

Purpose and Organization

The purpose of the Wood Handbook is to provide background technical information on wood and wood products. Please note that information on the characteristics and properties of wood from tree species that are currently considered endangered does not imply an endorsement for their use.

The first chapter highlights the importance of forest products in the context of conservation of our natural resources and their role and importance in forest management. Chapter 2 briefly describes many species of wood, domestic and international. Current and historic uses are cited to illustrate the utility of wood.

Chapters 3, 4, and 5 present background information on the fundamental structure of wood, basic information on moisture relations and physical properties, and the mechanical properties of wood. Chapter 6 discusses commercial wood products—commercial lumber, round timbers, and ties. Chapter 7 presents background information on stress grades and design properties for these products.

Chapter 8 provides information on fastenings used in wood construction, including nails, spikes, wood screws, and other fastening systems. Commonly used structural analysis equations are presented in Chapter 9. The use of adhesives with wood is resented in Chapter 10.


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