How To Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners

 How To Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners

How To Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners

With the availability of code readers and scan tools targeted at
 the consumer market through retailers such as Sears, Walmart, auto parts stores, and online, it’s more than evident that the  Aftermarket automotive electronic equipment manufacturers have realized a need for owners and enthusiasts to have access to what once was solely the domain of dealership and professional technicians—an automobile’s on-board diagnostic system. What seemed to be missing was a source of information that tied everything together. 

wrote this book about scan tools and code readers in the same easy-to-read style as my first five books, both for automotive- and motorcycle-related subjects, to fill this information gap. This book is a second edition of my How to Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners.

There are expanded sections in many of the chapters, especially in chapters four and five, where I cover updated and new scan tools and code readers. I also cover smart phone apps (Bluetooth and WiFi) and laptop/PC-based scan tools.

In this book, the first generation of on-board diagnostics (OBD-I) will be discussed in chapter one and chapter two will cover OBD-II, the diagnostic monitoring system in all vehicles sold in the United States since 1996, and the system that code readers and scan tools interface with.

 Also included is a brief history of automobile air pollution and how this problem has driven the automotive industry to produce these systems in the first place. Chapter three covers electronic fuel injection, oxygen sensors, and catalytic converter operation. Code readers are discussed in chapter four with scan tools following in chapter five.

 How an engine works, and especially how to separate engine mechanical problems from OBD-II system diagnostics, is discussed in chapter six, and chapter seven provides some practical applications for using a scan tool to diagnose emission-related problems.

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