An Introduction to Modern Vehicle Design

An Introduction to
Modern Vehicle Design

 There have not been many books published that concern themselves with the analytical design of the complete motor vehicle. My source of inspiration for this work was Janusz Pawlowski’s most interesting and informative Vehicle Body Engineering.

However, this classic book is now only of historical interest and it is the editor’s hope that this book may well take the place of that book on the bookshelves of current motor vehicle designers. A change from this classic book is that it is now impossible for one person to write knowledgeably about all aspects of vehicle design. This reason has dictated that specialists in each field covered by this book have written an appropriate chapter. This is a sign of how times have changed since the days of Pawlowski, and is a trend that can only continue.

The text is intended to provide the reader with an introduction to most of the topics that are of concern when a vehicle is being designed from the ‘clean sheet of paper’ stage. There are awide range of references alluded to within the text that the reader can draw upon for more detailed information at the end of each chapter. Some of these references are drawn from the list and briefly summarized indicating particular texts that the contributor has found interesting. It is hoped that this will help the reader that any especial interest further.


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