Automobile Engineering (McGraw Hill)

 Automobile Engineering (McGraw Hill)

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The last one decade has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the population of automobiles in India.
It is said that the civilisation of a country can be measured in terms of the number of automobile
vehicles. It has been timely for the authors to come up with a book on Indian automobiles. The
book has touched upon various issues like the adequacy of technology, the various constraints
which were coming earlier in the way of growth and also the future trends of the industry. The
book will be beneficial to all those who would like to delve deeper into the subject. In the current
context, Prof. K.K. Jain’s and Mr. R.B. Asthana’s work is just in time, especially when the Indian
automobiles are poised for a great leap into the international market.
The salient features of the book are:
• In-depth treatment of engine with maintenance aspects and troubleshooting.
• Fuel systems for various models and supercharges of I.C. engine have been specially given
for beginners in automobile study.
• Transmission of power from engine to wheel has an objective role to play in modern-age
cars. Distinct characters, which are based on design of transmission, of many vehicles have
been dealt with.
• Modern automobile’s special features are for passenger comfort, and its suspension system
takes the lead over old generation cars, the reasoning for which could be very well under-
• In this computer age, automobile’s electrical systems are more sophisticated and use com-
puter technology for different electrical components. This has been kept in mind.
• Service aspect of any automobile is important in making it a success. How to maintain a
vehicle at its optimum performance level has been covered adequately.
A very good attempt has been made to put down all the parameters of automobile engineering
in this text.
I am sure that this book will prove useful for students as well as practising engineers.
I wish all the best to the authors.

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