Reinforced Concrete Design Theory and Examples

 Reinforced Concrete  Design Theory and Examples

Reinforced Concrete  Design Theory and Examples

The second edition of the book has been written to conform to BS8110, the new version of the limit state code for structural concrete design. The aim remains as stated in the first edition: to set out design theory and illustrate the practical applications by the inclusion of as many useful examples as possible

The book is written primarily for students on civil engineering degree courses to assist them to understand the principles of element design and the procedures for the design of concrete buildings.

The book has been extensively rewritten. A chapter has been added on materials and durability. Other chapters such as those on columns and buildings have been extended and the design of walls in buildings has been given a separate chapter. A special chapter on the analysis and design of very tall buildings has also been added.

This should give students an appreciation of the way in which these buildings are modelled for computer analyses and the design problems involved. The importance of computers in structural design is recognized. Computer programs for design of concrete elements are included. In these sections, the principles and steps involved in the construction of the programs are explained and the listings are given.

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