Hospitals DESIGN

 I  have been devoted my life to medical architecture over 35 years. This “special art” must be incorporated with “human life” to create works which combine human scale and functions. Medical architecture is an “organism”. As history accumulates, society changes and medical science develops, medical architecture is growing up continually and reflecting different era’s requirements. Working deeply in this area, you have to be extremely observant and reflective, as well as maintain a selfless and passionate soul.

I like to get involved with sky, earth and human beings,therefore, astronomy, Greek mythology and mountain-climbing have always been my inspirations. They broaden my view, accumulate my energy of self-breaking and enhancing my architectural judgment and ability.

In the process of working on medical architecture,“communication” plays an important role, especially when the object is hospital staff with selfish departmentalism.

 Once, an obstetrician required the delivery room to be large and separated by curtains, which would be convenient for delivery. However, my experience and judgment told me that it is non-negotiable, even on the scale of user and designer. When a parturient is experiencing enormous labour pain, you can imagine she would be more panic hearing other parturients’ crying.

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