It’s Alive A vision for tall buildings in 2050

 It’s  Alive  A vision for tall buildings in 2050

It’s  Alive  A vision for tall buildings in 2050

It’s Alive is a conceptual vision for a ‘living’ socio-technological tall building in the year 2050. It is imagined as fulfilling multiple roles in response to the changing needs of our society and planet.

The illustration does not aim to predict the future, but is designed to invite dialogue on the possible, plausible, and preferable. The ideas presented are not about envisioning the perfect solution or describing accurate technical details. Instead, they are a starting point for conversation, so that those involved in the creation, study and use of tall buildings can better explore and imagine the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Buildings have the power to shape the societies we want to be and become. Any built form, large or small, can foster and activatenew social, environmental and  technological values. As more people live, work and play in cities and amid an increasing competition for urban land and natural resources buildings need to evolve.

 The climate crisis, urbanisation, automation, and an ageing population are redefining not only how we live, but how we design, build and deconstruct the world around us. This calls for buildings to adapt their function, design, and use. It unlocks the potential for buildings to lead the shift towards the sustainable, resilient and inclusive future we want.

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