Newnes Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book

 Newnes Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book

Newnes Mechanical Engineer’s Pocket Book

This Pocket Book is not a text book but a compilation of useful information. Therefore in the sections concerned with mathematics, statics and dynamics worked examples are only included where anomalies might otherwise occur. The author is indebted to the British Standards Institution and to all the industrial and commercial companies in the UK and abroad who have co-operated in Providing up-to-date data in so many technical areas. Unfortunately, limitations of space have allowed only abstracts to be included from amongst the wealth of material provided. 

Therefore the Reader is strongly recommended to consult the complete standards, industrial manuals, design manuals or catalogues after an initial perusal of the tables of data found in this book. To this end, an appendix is provided with the names and addresses of the contributors to this book. They all have useful web sites where additional information may be found.

The section on computer-aided manufacture has been deleted from this edition as it was too brief to be of much use and could not be expanded with in the page count available. Specialist texts are available on application from the publishers of this Pocket Book on such topic areas as:

  •  Computer numerical control
  •  Computer-aided drawing and design
  •  Industrial robots
  •  Flexible manufacturing systems
  •  Programmable logic controllers
  •  Manufacturing management
  •  Project management.

Within the constraints of commercial viability, it is the continuing intention of the           author and publisher to update this book from time to time. Therefore, the author would appreciate (via the publishers) suggestions from the users of this book for additions and/or deletions to be taken into account when producing new editions.

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