How to be Heard
 Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening

How to be Heard

Sound has always been my primary connection with the world. In my childhood in South West London we lived by parks and later a river, and I remember listening with wonder at night to the sound of gentle summer rain outside my window, or looking up in woodland walks and being transported by the sound of wind rustling lush Spring leaves together in rich, fascinating waves. It was inevitable that music became a passion from the start; I spent many hours in darkened rooms listening studiously through cherished headphones to a fast-growing collection of precious vinyl.

Becoming a musician was the natural next step, and my parents were tolerant enough to buy my first drum kit and bear the pounding from my bedroom as I tried to emulate heroes like John Bonham and Bill Bruford.

Many paradiddles and many bands later, I sold my magazine publishing business and at last had the chance to unify my work with my passion for sound. I had spent more than 15 years helping brands to create written content that would engage, enlighten and entertain their customers – all the while continuing to play and make music in my spare time.

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