Law of Success

Law o f Success

LAw OF SUCCESS IS COMPRISED OF THE KEY PRINCIPLES THAT FORM the foundation of Napoleon Hill's philosophy of personal achievement. The genesis of the principles explored in Law of Success date from the day in I908 when Napoleon Hill was assigned to write a magazine profile on steel baron and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

During their interview Carnegie became so impressed with the young writer that what was to have been a brief interview stretched into a three-day marathon. It concluded with Carnegie offering to introduce Napoleon Hill to the most powerful men of the day in order that Hill could learn from each of them the secrets of their success. It was Carnegie's vision that, in so doing, Hill would be able to formulate a philosophy that could be used by anyone to help themselves create their own success and realize their dreams.

As Napoleon Hill pursued his mission, he wrote thousands of articles and profiles, launched his own magazines, developed home-study courses, started training centers, and opened a business college -all inspired by his evolving philosophy.

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