Practical Foundation Design with STAAD Foundation Advanced

 Practical Foundation Design with STAAD Foundation  Advanced

Practical Foundation Design with STAAD Foundation  Advanced

The primary purpose of this book to explain the effectiveness of using STAAD Foundation Advanced to design structural foundations. With the advancement of computer technology, engineers now routinely use software programs to analyze and design structures, and it is a necessity to keep pace with today’s fast construction schedule.

 However, it is still very important to understand the fundamentals and various assumptions made by the software to effectively use that engineering application.
Now, foundation engineering is vast and demands command over both structural engineering and geotechnical engineering.

 There are many textbooks available on these subjects, and users are strongly advised to study some of those books before attempting to use any software for designing a foundation. Theoretical discussion on foundation design is beyond the scope of this book. However, we will do a quick review of some of the fundamentals for our ready reference.


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