Sustainable Facades Design Methods for High Performance Building

 Sustainable Facades Design Methods for  High Performance Building

Sustainable Facades Design Methods for  High Performance Building

Buildings, as the largest users of energy in our society, are also our greatest opportunity for energy conservation and protection of the environment. The rapidly growing world energy use has raised global concerns over continued depletion of energy resources and their negative environmental impacts. Current predictions show that this growing trend will continue.

The facade is one of the most significant contributors to the energy budget and the comfort parameters of any building. As energy and other natural resources continue to be depleted, it has become clear that technologies and strategies that allow us to maintain our satisfaction with the interior environment while consuming fewer of these resources are major objectives for contemporary facade designs.

This book focuses on the strategies and approaches for designing sustainable, high-performance building facades, and provides technical guidance for architects and designers. Building facades act as barriers between the interior and exterior environment. To provide building occupants with a comfortable and safe environment, a facade must fulfill many functions, such as:
  •  Provision of views to the outside 
  • Resistance of forces from wind loads
  •  Bearing its own weight
  •  Implementation of daylighting strategies to minimize use of artificial lighting Protection from solar heat gain 
  • Protection from noise
  •  Resistance to rainwater and moisture penetration

 Control of physical environmental factors (heat, light, sounds) must be considered during the design process, as must design strategies that improve occupant comfort (thermal, visual, acoustic, and air quality). Therefore, sustainable facades must block adverse external environmental effects and maintain internal comfort conditions with minimum energy consumption. The location and climate thus are crucial factors in selecting appropriate design strategies for sustainable facades.

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