Given the problems of congestion in built-up urban areas, maximising the efficiency with which highways are planned, analysed, designed and maintained is of particular concern to civil engineering practitioners and theoreticians. This book is designed as an introductory text which will deliver basic information in those core areas of highway engineering of central importance to practising highway engineers.

Highway Engineering is intended as a text for undergraduate students on degree and diploma courses in civil engineering. It does, however, touch on topics which may be of interest to surveyors and transport planners. The book does not see itself as a substitute for courses in these subject areas, rather it demonstrates their relevance to highway engineering. The book must be focused on its primary readership – first and foremost it must provide an essential text for those wishing to work in the area, covering all the necessary basic foundation material needed for practitioners at the entry level to industry. In order to maximise its effectiveness, however, it must also address the requirements of additional categories of student: those wishing to familiarise themselves with the area but intending to pursue another speciality after graduation and graduate students requiring necessary theoretical detail in certain crucial areas.


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