This book is a broad review of mechanical engineering principles, as well as a compendium of useful and typical data to support those principles. Because of its emphasis on undergraduate engineering subjects (the only prerequisite course of study required of most state licensing examinees), this book is an efficient method of preparing for the standardized Professional Engineering (PE)licensing examinations in mechanical engineering. Tens of thousands of engineers have used the previous 12 editions for just that purpose. This book presents each major topic as a standalone section subdivided into chapters. Each chapter builds on previous chapters, and each section builds on previous sections. The choice of what to cover (i.e., topics) in sections and chapters has always been based on what I think a mechanical engineering graduate should know, only loosely influenced by the major subdivisions of the PE exam syllabus. Because of that, the scope of this book exceeds the scope of the PE exam. So, if you use this book as a PE exam reference, you will end up being over-prepared.


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