Moisture Transport in Polymer Composite Materials

 Moisture Transport in Polymer Composite Materials

Moisture Transport in Polymer Composite Materials

Professionals from chemical, materials, mechanical and manufacturing engineering, as well as from other scientific areas are responsible for the great advance in new materials, particularly in the field of polymer composites.

Nowadays, the development of new and advanced fiber-reinforced polymer composites has allowed the manufacture of innovative products with high quality from the technological and mechanical points of view. These products are manufactured by the automotive, marine, aerospace, and sports products industries.

A significant amount of research on polymer composites deals with thermoset vegetable fiberreinforced systems manufactured by hand lay-up. In fact, these materials have gained preference because they offer some advantages such as easy processing and manufacturing in products of different shapes, quality and good mechanical properties of the manufactured products and high potential for diverse industrial and technological applications, especially those associated with socio- conomic and environmental benefits.

However, raw materials from renewable sources, such as vegetable fibers,present some disadvantages when used as reinforcement in polymers, due to their strong hydrophilic nature and weak interfacial adhesion with most polymer matrices, which are responsible for reducing the mechanical properties of polymer composites.


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