how to plan contract and build your own home

 How To Plan Contract And Build Your Own Home

How To Plan Contract And Build Your Own Home

Over twenty years have passed since the editors at McGraw-Hill received the manuscript for the first edition of this book. Backthen, they measured it up and declared it was more than they had bargained for—both in words and illustrations. So everyone looked at it, hoping to find chapters, or parts of chapters, that could be cut. After a while, it became evident that the book would be more helpful to its readers as it stood. So nothing was cut and the publisher kindly agreed to put out a longer and more profusely illustrated version than originally planned.

In a sense, the same thing happened with the second edition, which came out in 1991. Except for a few minor changes, little of the original material was deleted, because almost everything still held true. At that time, additional information was included in many chapters. The book became thicker, packed with new material. 

The third edition, published in 1999, received a general overhaul, with numerous chapter upgrades and many new sections. Manufacturers continued to get better at what they do—designing and making innovative home products. Outdated information was stricken from the previous edition, replaced by discussions about better components and construction techniques that gave homebuilders more options than ever before.

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