Examples in Structural Analysis

  Examples in Structural Analysis

Examples in Structural  Analysis

It is inevitable and unavoidable that designers will utilize continually improving computer software for numerical analyses. However, it is essential that the use of such software should only be undertaken by those with appropriate knowledge and understanding of the mathematical assumptions, modelling and limitations inherent in the programs they use.

Students adopt a variety of strategies to develop their knowledge and understanding of structural behaviours, for example, the use of:

  •  computers to carry out sensitivity analyses,
  •  physical models to demonstrate physical effects, e.g. tension, compression, bending, shear, torsion, buckling and deformation characteristics, and
  •  the study of worked examples and carrying out analyses using ‘hand’ methods.

This textbook focuses on the provision of numerous fully detailed and comprehensive worked examples for a wide variety of structural problems. In each chapter a résumé of the concepts and principles involved in the method being considered is given and illustrated by several examples.

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