Fire-Resistant Design of Structures

 Fire-Resistant Design of  Structures

Fire-Resistant Design of  Structures

This book addresses the detailed analysis and design of structures under fire loads through the basic concepts. While fire and explosion characteristics of materials are discussed in detail, an estimate of fire load and integration to fire-resistant design is the main focus.

The detailed design procedures include practical examples of various design codes from around the world. The scope of Fire-Resistant Design of Structures includes discussions related to the estimate of fire loads, analysis and design of structural members under fire, fire protection and firefighting systems, working principles, and suitability for various industrial applications.

It provides comprehensive coverage regarding the analysis and design of structural systems under fire loads, in particular, and under elevated temperatures, in general.

  • Provides an understanding of fire loads, analysis, and design of
    structural members

  • Includes detailed design methods and model studies

  • Covers in detail different types of firefighting equipment and their function and applications

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