Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics: A Problem-Solving Approach offers a unique textbook intended for both undergraduate and graduate mechanical, chemical, and civil engineering students.

This book works through the comprehensive coverage of fluid mechanics with a gradual introduction of theory in a straightforward, practical manner. The book contains many worked-out examples and illustrations which will help the readers to easily understand the necessary concepts and solution techniques.

This versatile instructional resource contains many interesting elements like:
  •  The chapter on pipe flows includes a detailed listing of entrance length and flow friction correlations.
  •  The chapter on oceanic and river waves is included with discussion on various wave types.
  •  The chapter on laminar flows offers exact solutions for cannonical flow cases like Stoke’s problem, Hagen-Poisuille flow, flow between journal and bearing, etc.
  • The chapter on turbulent flows discusses the turbulence length scales, the turbulence spectrum, Reynolds averaging and turbulence modeling, and simulations approaches.
  •  The boundary layer theory includes the Thwaites integral method which is not covered in many fluid mechanics textbooks.
  •  The book contains many end-of-chapter problems, and a Solutions Manual is available for instructor use.

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