construction engineering a guide to temporary work


 Construction Engineering
 A Guide To Temporary Work

Construction Engineering  A Guide To Temporary Work

This document has been compiled to assist Temporary Works Coordinators, Supervisors and others involved in Temporary Works on construction sites. This document serves to bring existing information together as a comprehensive reference document to support Temporary Works Professionals rather than detailing any new industry findings or stand points.

This document will provide some clarity for the onsite management of Temporary Works in the construction industry and provide useable information for the interpretation of the recommendations in place in Section 1 and 2 of BS 5975: 2019.

The author used to go from office to office with boxes of highlighted reference documents for use but several years ago he decided to go digital with reference material and just keep one or two key reference documents in paper format such as the Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book (1st Edition 2004) by Fiona Cobb and The Handbook of Structural Steelwork (3rd Edition) by the Steel Construction Institute with notes, rules of thumb, etc.

 scribbled in these documents for reference. With that in mind this is also one of the reasons the author felt it may be beneficial to others to compile some BS 5975 Temporary Works specific reference material.

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