High RAP Asphalt Pavements


 High RAP Asphalt Pavements:
Japan Practice — Lessons Learned

High RAP Asphalt Pavements: Japan Practice — Lessons Learned

Funding for the road network is primarily through tolls on the national expressways and through general fund appropriations. Prior to fiscal year 2009, Japan used dedicated fuel and vehicle taxes to support road construction; however, following a review begun in 2005, the government shifted those tax moneys to the general fund in 2009 (Umeda, 2014).

Contractors (i.e., asphalt mixture producers) in Japan are privately held. The expressway projects are joint private and government ventures. Four privately held companies are the primary contractors in Japan, owning 60% of the asphalt plants, and about 10 companies in total construct roads.

The land area of Japan is 145,932 square miles and the mainland lies between the 32° and 47° North lines of latitude. The climate of Japan is predominately temperate, but varies from north to south with hot temperatures and winter weather, including snow.


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