This handbook reflects collection of author's works in analysis,design and field investigations during last about 30 years

The book, designed primarily for the practising engineers engaged in design of machine foundation, also provides a platform to students at Post Graduate level for developing professional skill in attaining desired proficiency in designing Foundations for Industrial Machines. Reference to problems, made at various stages, is for the real field problems. Emphasis, throughout, has been laid on applied analysis and design so as to provide deeper understanding to the reader about the physical understanding of the Dynamic Behaviour of Machine Foundation system. The text has been so arranged so as to provide an insight to the reader regarding the need for various design stages to complete the task

The performance, safety and stability of machines depend largely on their design, manufacturing and interaction with environment. In principle, machine foundations should be designed such that the dynamic forces of machines are transmitted to the soil through
the-fuUndation in such a way that all kinds of harmful effects are eliminated. Many scientists have significantly contributed to the field of machine foundation laying greater emphasis on vibration response of both machine and foundation. The contributions to the practical and theoretical development of the subject, especially from authors like Geiger, Rauch, Barkan and Alexander Major, are noteworthy

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